Political Factors in the School



  1. The school as an institution enjoys political goodwill from the community and the District Education Board.
  2. It has received additional enough land for further development. 
  3. To improve on curriculum delivery, the school had received funds for lab equipment and computers from the economic stimulant programme. 
  4. The school PTA had supported the school in provision of physical facilities and curriculum support need.  They had also bought a bus for the school and employed teachers to support the needy C.B.E. shortfalls. 
  5. The TSC had posted adequate teachers, but with a short fall as per curriculum needs.

School History

Cheptais is found in Bungoma County,Cheptais sub county,It is about 2KM from Cheptais market and about 10 KM away from Kenya Uganda Boarders.

The …

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